Want To Live In A Lighthouse? Check Out 24 Shipyard Rd In Rothesay NB

The lighthouse home at 24 Shipyard in Rothesay, NB is one of the most uniquely designed homes in all of Canada. Those wanting to live a bit different to everyone else can enjoy not only this home, but the stunning views. This is a great area

Situated right on the banks of the Kennebecasis River in Rothesay, this home 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms throughout the 1,200 square feet. There’s also a greenhouse as well as a boat shed on the property. There is a lot to explore in this area by land or water, so we hope the next owners enjoy it all.

This lighthouse home is currently on the market for $640,000 CDN with DeCourcey & Company and you can call them via 506-848-6008.

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