Canada’s Most Unique Luxury Listing Right Now

We had to look to Yellowknife to find this extremely unique property and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen yet. A home this unique obviously has been featured elsewhere before, but this home is back on the market and how could we not cover it?

Built in the late 70’s with an addition added somewhere during the 90’s, this contemporary home features a different kind of living space. While it’s not ultra modern, the interior offers amazing views and a cozy space for those looking to be inspired every day.

12 Mitchell Drive is going for $899,000 CDN and has 4 bedrooms and 2 bath over 2,600 square feet. You get views of Great Slave Lake, enjoy tons of natural sunlight throughout every room and there’s even a wine cellar stashed away in here. You can see the full listing for more details or call Molly Milligan via 867.688.0303.

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