Upcoming Horseshoe Bay Development By Westbank

If you don’t have to be a chump like so many people and make the drive to Downtown Vancouver for work this might be the next best development kicking off soon in BC. Nestled just outside of West Vancouver is Horseshoe Bay, a region that always has been uniquely its own town with a strong sense of community.

You have Ferry access right at your doorstep, a vibrant set of shops and restaurants with access to Squamish and Whistler quite easily. If I had to move back to Vancouver from the Island this is the kind of place I’d love to throw some roots down.

horseshoe bay development westbank west vancouver 3

I for one wanted to cover this upcoming development mainly because if its resplendent design. The architecture isn’t your normal play you see here on the west coast, but something more fitting to an area equally as distinct.

There are many types of units with different styles on each floor and the website has all layouts for those interested in this project. Keeping in mind, people who live or work in West Vancouver will get first dibs on the 159 units for the first 30 days of sales.

The boathouse is also a nice edition as the harbour here is a spot for many sea excursions to begin. So if you’re a yachting fan then you’re in a great location to go exploring the Gulf Islands and beyond.

We wish the Westbank team the best of luck building this project and we cannot wait to see it next time we’re in town after it’s completed. To learn more about this brilliant project please check out http://horseshoebaywestvancouver.com/

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