Vanishing TV Mirrors For The Bathroom

We recently toured a home that had had some work done by Digital Smart Homes in Vancouver and a disappearing TV in the mirror was something that really stuck in my mind. I thought this is perfect for those that don’t quite love technology getting in the way of their decor, so this is a perfect solution for the bathroom.

When you turn the TV off this thing vanishes as if it were magic, and staring back will be you in perfect form. It can be used for getting quick information as you get ready in the morning or catch up on that show you missed after falling asleep.

seura mirror tv 2

By the looks of the specs provided by Seura you can have either a 10″ or 19″ screen in there, and can be hooked into the homes smart system. This same setup can be used in other rooms with a mirror setup but you’ll have to talk with DSH to learn more about that.

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