Build Your Own Full Floor Penthouse In Halifax

Usually we don’t show anything but the most photoshopped and pristine photos from homes worth millions. This time you’ll have to use your imagination because you can literally design your little heart out with this penthouse. We love Halifax and we think this is a rare opportunity to do something special not only here, but make a mark in Canada.

This is a bit of me to be honest. A clean slate to work with with an ample 4,200 square feet to make your own. You might be thinking, that sure is an abnormally large size for a condo so let me explain.

That’s because the entire sixth floor has been vacated with only the 360 degree views of the city and harbour set in place. This penthouse and featuring three terraces & three balconies totally over 1000 square feet, 4 parking spots, as well as all the amenities and perks that Bishops Landing provides.

If you’re interested in getting your boots dirty and or at the very least working with your architect to create something special contact David Dunn via 902.209.9177.  This Halifax full floor penthouse is currently listed as is for $3,500,000 CAD and you won’t see something like this come up soon here in Canada.

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