12 Years Later, Hidden Parking Still Just As Cool.

You may recall back in 2006 when the Phantom Park from American Custom Lifts hit the zeitgeist. At the time they were a huge success with the luxury home crowd and at one point the company boasted a 4 year wait list for installations.

Obviously with that kind of demand it wasn’t long before other niche lifts and designs were created and put to work helping people tuck their Lamborghinis and Ferrari’s underfoot and overhead.


On top of that, it seems that the product’s popularity has caused an explosion of companies around the world who rushed to offer similar products in their regions. You can even find these type of lifts on Alibaba, although that’s not too surprising.


If you’re looking for a place to stuff that new Hellcat underneath all the other toys, you can find the Phantom Park line in Canada through Babco Equip. Even with modern contemporary homes coming down in size in cities, these are the perfect addition to keep that stable packed.

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