This Nelson BC Home Office Has A Wine Cellar In It

I could have easily written an entire post about this home in Nelson, but there was just one feature that is too good to ignore. The home office here has close proximity to a very beautiful wine cellar. Whether it was a good day or a terrible one, there’s comfort in knowing great wine is just an office chair shuffle away.

The cellar entrance is apparent by its medieval door that looks like it came straight from a castle dungeon. Whomever designed this really did a fantastic job blending in the old world feel with this homes overall contemporary design.

812 Highway 3A Nelson BC 12

The stonework used fits in nicely with the highlights of wood, and inside there’s enough room for quite a bit of vino. By the looks of it, 73 bottles to be exact with the room for a bit more if you dare.

It only gets better. This gorgeous home is one of the most environmentally-friendly waterfront properties here in Nelson. This home is where the future is heading out here in Canada and that’s certainly something I can raise a glass to.

812 Highway 3A Nelson BC 13

Besides the wine cellar, 812 Highway 3 in Nelson was built in 2012 and comes with four bedroom and bath. This is a great family home as it has 3,660 square feet of luxury living space with plenty of room for guests.

Do yourself a favour and and watch this listings video and check out the photos below to see it all. 812 Highway 3A in Nelson is on the market for $1,849,000 CAD and is presented by Luke Mori. We’ve featured his listings before and we’re always thrilled with the production quality into each listings..there’s not many doing it better imho.

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