Don’t Let Your Kid See This $10,000 Princess Bed

Victoria based Fable Bedworks has created something for the princess in your life. This handmade dream bed is called Penny’s Palace and is where fairies dance, tea parties are held and magic springs to life. It will also run you around $10,000 CAD after taxes and any extra custom enhancements.

It secures to your bedroom wall and when it’s not time for bed, it closes up freeing up space in the room for more playing. The bed also has LED technology reading light and adjustable accent lighting for a bit of extra magic. There are also five shelves and sliding doors to hide any treasures.

The beds are crafted with safety in mind and you can fit a twin mattress on here. It takes about 6-8 weeks to have one made for you if your kid happens to see you reading this article.

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