Cannabis Smart Homes: Are Bespoke Automated Grow Systems The Future?

Cannabis was recently legalized here in Canada this month(10/17/2018) and that opens up a lot of interesting topics and ideas. I certainly know enough high net worth cannabis enthusiasts that they would love to have a personal grow operation that did most of the work, but also offered a bit of geeking out.

Since you’re personally allowed to grow a small amount, we’re willing to bet that a lot more folks are going to want to grow themselves. There are already a few systems out there that look sleek and are compact which we’ll cover, but no one yet has set out beyond that.

The Cannabis Smart Home

If you think about it, it can go a couple of ways. On the one hand, some folks might want their plants on display so something artistic and visually catchy could be built. For those that want it tucked away and have some space, they could have a secret grow inside their estate.

autmoated cannabis system leaf app

Photo Credit: Leaf

As I stated above, there are already a few great automated hydroponic systems on the market that still to this day would be considered a luxury item. We’ll take a look at a few of the top products out there and then ponder about the next-level possibilities afterwards.

Automated Hydroponic Systems

There are a lot of systems out there that can either be tucked away in a closet or left out in the living room for all to see. Cannabis is already quite mainstream here in Canada so I imagine sales for these more “furniture like” grow boxes will take off.

Grobo >

grobo automated cannabis growing system

Grobo is one of the early innovators in a world of automatic hydroponic grow boxes. It offers a sleek minimal design with a touch of light that doesn’t make much noise, reduces smells and can be controlled at the touch of an app. It yields 7-8 ounces every 3-4 months and you can actually buy them now via

Cloudponics >

One of the strongest contenders in our opinion, for those that love a bit of tech and want to grow while looking stylish. Not only that, there are built in speakers so you can play your plants favorite songs while you’re away…yes, we’re not even kidding. You can learn more and check out all the features right here

Leaf >

This system made a lot of noise over the past couple of years and has everything you need in one beautiful package. It’s extremely well built however you will have to wait a bit because they’re not quite shipping. There will be a built in social network as there are cameras on the inside so you can track growth and data via the mobile app. You can pre-buy into it now and to learn more go here


Custom Automated Home Growing

What we were hoping to find were a more bespoke build, something that’s crafted and blended into the home itself. It could be hidden away behind a secret door, or beautifully built to be on display like a piece of modern furniture.

There’s no doubt a few companies are coming together as I type this to start building out custom grow rooms for personal home use. Since a lot of homes are being built with tech from the get-go, it would be easy to adapt a growing system into the grid and be on your merry way.

There are a few cannabis grow room builders out there but they tend to be geared towards more large scale operations. After a bit of research we did manage to find someone who might be of help.

cannabis contractor canada

A newer looking company here in Canada called Cannabis Contractor offering custom grow rooms for indoor and outdoor personal use. I cannot find much in the way of work examples or who exactly is behind the company. They however mention they are in Toronto, provide an address and email contact, as well say five projects have been completed so far.

We’re going to leave this post open as we know more companies will step forward and we’d love to add you to this article. If you’re into building and designing bespoke automated grow operations for personal use clients please contact us now.

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