The Pearl Residences Development In Victoria BC

I was walking downtown yesterday and on my way to Chinatown and saw a new sign for the Pearl Residences development that’s in the works. While the official website for this project is still in the works, we’ll take a look at what we do know now with this exciting new building.

Situated on the 1600-block of Store Street on the doorstep of Chinatown, The Pearl Residences will be eight floors high, contain 133 units with a mixed-use condominium residence and some ground floor commercial space.

the pearl residences victoria bc development 2

This area is in need of more development in our opinion, as is right now the lot they’re building on is currently a parking lot. The surrounding area all the way to Rock Bay will slowly become a more vibrant community with homes and businesses.

The Pearl Residences is a project by FARMER and the architect who’s done the design is coming out of D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism who is also based out of Victoria. This development is slated to be completed sometime in 2019 and I cannot wait to write about some of those bridge facing units.

For more information and to register for The Pearl Residences in Victoria please visit their website

The Pearl Residences

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