This Ontario Company Is Taking Live Edge Furniture To The Next Level

If you’ve been reading our site for long now you know I love live edge furniture and make a point to feature it often. This time around we are heading to Clarksburg, Ontario, where we find the talented Tree Green Team. They are a small group of Canadian artisans handcrafting marvellous live edge pieces for people all over the globe.

live edge luxury wood furniture canada 6What stuck out to me most was that they have a really good eye for picking the most interesting wood slabs. To me that’s important because there should be no table the same.

Tree Green Team makes sure to use only eco-salvaged wood pieces that are always unique, organic and a genuine piece of Canadian handcrafted art. From start to finish, each piece is handcrafted and touched only by their team of artisans.

What I also love is the story behind the group and their passion behind each and every piece that comes out of their workshop, and sometimes into their slab museum. Each piece is made to order and clients can consult with the team to build it to their preference.

While they do a lot of dining tables, there’s a lot more to be done with live edge wood. I really love their boardroom table designs, as well their cabinetry which goes great in any room, even the bathroom. Those looking for a live edge piece for their home should really take a good look at their extensive portfolio on Facebook.

Tree Green Team

For more information as well as many more photos visit their website

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