Humaniti Montreal Penthouse Owners Get Shared Tesla Access

Humaniti Montreal is one of the most exciting condo developments in all of Canada. The penthouse units are undoubtably going to be some of the best in Montreal as well, but there’s one feature that’s quite unique.

The penthouse owners will get shared access to a Tesla Model S to use around town. There are a small handful of penthouse units in Humaniti so it will be interesting to see the demand for the use of the Tesla. However, the location of this condo/hotel development is very central and you can literally walk to everything you need quite easily.

humaniti montreal penthouse tesla

The penthouse units themselves will be fit for even the most demanding of clientele. As expected, the finishes, interior design and layouts will be top of the line and unique. This is a high-tech building as well, with a mobile app to connect you to the hotel concierge and services. As well, you will find adjustable settings to your penthouse such as lights, entertainment and other features you’d find in a smart home.

If you’re interested in the penthouses here or any unit still available pre-development you can contact Sotheby’s agent Roger Quirion via 514.246.2017. You can also make an appointment through the Humaniti website to learn more about the features and technology involved.

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