Custom Canadian Wood Furniture Made With Love

There are only a handful of artisans across Canada making wood furniture on this level. Handstone out of Wallenstein, Ontario have been crafting hardwood furniture to those with the lust for quality since 1999.

I recently visited a listing in person and the seller had an incredible office in which we toured. The furniture was immediately noticeable and the seller told me all about it, where it came from and the love he had for it. It wasn’t included in the house sale to say the least.

custom wood furniture made in canada handstone 2

Every piece of furniture that Handstone makes is handcrafted, and built to order just the way you want it. They offer a plethora of hardwood options and will work with you to craft the perfect furniture for your home or office.

custom wood furniture made in canada handstone 4

The finished product felt extremely sturdy and well built. I sit mostly at a desk from IKEA and it’s an absolute night and day difference all around. It comes with a 10 year warranty if you’re wondering.

custom wood furniture made in canada handstone 5Since Handstone furniture is built to last, less waste goes into to landfills. Not only that, the sawdust produced is recycled as livestock bedding as well the leftover scraps are used to heat homes. Not only that, but it’s great to support Canadian companies doing something special.

The Handstone finishing process makes use of solar heat and cogeneration of electricity to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. That’s something to be proud of and should be a model for other companies looking for ways to reduce their excess.

Those wanting to explore their options and perhaps start working on their dream furniture you can visit their website to get started. There is more than just measurements to think about during the process, so plan ahead and enjoy the building process along with them.

I’m glad I got to see their work in person and get the tip to let our readers know about this Canadian company. I am always looking for great locally made products to feature on here and the majority of our content is not advertising, it’s all based on recommendation and submission tips.

custom wood furniture made in canada handstone 6

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