Highpoint Luxury Condo Development In Coquitlam

A bit of luxury is coming to Coquitlam and the soon to be built Highpoint condo development is shaping up to be a real gem. While there are a lot of luxury developments coming out across BC, this building will come with a lot of unique features.

First of all, the Highpoint development is going to be 51 storeys tall giving you unparalleled views, and a host of amenities from the ground on up. Its gorgeous design is thanks to Rositch Hemphill Architects, I think they’ve done something that not only pleases the eye, but offer a truly unique design that brings more excitement to condo living.

It’s still early days so there’s not much in terms of official media out on the building yet, but we do have a few details for you. Throughout the 51 storeys you’ll find 415 units in total being developed, as well commercial space for the first few floors at street level.

Highpoint will feature one, two and three bedroom units with the majority of them being two bedroom. This is great as it add a lot of much needed inventory to the market here, and not just smaller one bedrooms.

There will of course be on-site amenities to make living here even better. Inside you’ll find a games room, fitness facilities, a formal dining lounge along with a kitchen. There will also be something called the “Sky Lounge” on the 51st floor, so I’ll let you imagine what that will be like.

This is being developed by the reputable Ledingham McAllister, a local company that has been here building homes since 1905. If you’re interested in Highpoint you can register online with them, a well give them a call via 604-931-8881 to learn more.

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