Incredible Resin Art By Artist Charine Barber

I got a nice tipoff from a friend about the extremely beautiful and mesmerizing resin work of Charine Barber.`There was a recent art show in Sooke and this talented Canadian artists work really stuck out from the rest of the art on display according to him, and I am glad he let me know because this is right up my alley.

As we’re always on the hunt to showcase great Canadian artists, we’re happy to highlight the very unique work of Charine Barber. Learning about her history, she started out paining back in 2011 learning the craft mostly on her own. We’ll take a look at how she got into this resin work within the past couple of years, and highlight some of my favorite pieces of hers below.

genuine art studio sooke 1

In 2018, Charine started taking a new direction with her art when she discovered resin work, and noticed a geode inspired art movement starting to take off. I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed because in just a short timespan, she has managed to produce some very beautiful pieces that look like were done by someone doing this for decades.

genuine art studio sooke 2

Charine’s art is created carefully on treated birch canvases, as well they can be on freeform cut boards. She builds layers from fire-glass, acrylic beads, gravel as well as sand to get those rich textures. This is how she is able to create the appearance of the crystal rock formations found in nature.

genuine art studio sooke 7

If you’re interested in Genuine Art Studio please like on Facebook here, as well I highly recommend giving her a follow on Instagram. Her website recently launched as well so you can buy her work and see what is coming up next from

Genuine Art Studio Gallery

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