Stunning St Philips NL Luxury Home For Sale

I’ve been spending the week in St John’s, Newfoundland, this week and have been touring around enjoying the sights and people immensely. I’ve also been taking note of the beautiful homes in and around St John’s, including the wonderful St Philips area. This newish custom luxury home has some of the best views of Conception Bay and so I thought we could take a look at this stunning place.

One thing I’ve noticed about the homes here is that they of course have their fair share of colourful homes, but the luxury homes build quality is exceptional. There seems to be a lot of talented contractors and home builders out this way as I’ve been touring more than a few homes during my stay, including a friends brand new luxury build he did himself.

Stunning St Philips NL Luxury Home For Sale 1

Yesterday I drove by this place and was instantly enamoured by the design of the house, as well the view it has. This week was the first time I’ve seen the view out this way and there really isn’t anything like it in all of Canada. Before we even talk details, take a moment to soak in this view and imagine yourself waking up to this every single day.

Stunning St Philips NL Luxury Home For Sale 2

That paired with an exceptional build means this listing is one of the most expensive on the market in all of Newfoundland & Labrador, so let’s take a look inside and see why. Built in 2017, this home has just over 8,300 square feet of space which is all focused around enjoying those views. The family room, dining area and kitchen of course are all open and provide a great area to get together and enjoy lots of space.

Stunning St Philips NL Luxury Home For Sale 3

The land you get is one full acre and on that you’ll also find beautiful grounds and a three car garage. There is plenty of backyard to enjoy on the grass on up on the gorgeous deck that overlooks Conception Bay. From here you can catch the storms and boats passing by, and by the looks of it a trip to the beach is only minutes away.

Stunning St Philips NL Luxury Home For Sale 4

This two-storey home comes with five bedrooms and six bathrooms and all the tiled floors are heated. I’ve come to quickly understand during the winter here just how amazing heated floors are. If the power happens to go out during a windstorm, you’ll be happy to know there is a 400 amp Honeywell generator ready to keep you going.

This new listing sadly doesn’t have a whole lot of photos to it but you’ll have to see the full listing for more information. 21 Alfreds Drung in Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s is now on the market for $1,995,000 CAD with Forrest Bursey of Sutton Aurora Realty. If you would like to take a tour or start the buying process you can call Forrest directly via 709-330-7053 or email him to learn more.

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