Harry & Meghan Perhaps Real Estate Shopping In Victoria? What Home We Think They Would Buy.

There are rumours swirling that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be looking to buy a home in and around Victoria, BC. While I’ve not no inside information or gossip to attribute, I did however have a think as to what property currently on the market might be there number one choice. They certainly got to know the Southern Island a bit more on their trip here and I wouldn’t doubt if they took a peek at a few listings online.

One thing is most likely for sure, that they would be staying away from the downtown core which is just too busy for their needs. Noting that they rented a house in North Saanich, that’s already where my mind was going knowing the caliber of luxury properties in this area. There’s the perfect blend of ocean views, lush rainforest, local shopping and of course big lots with privacy.

prince harry meghan north saanich real estate 1

A property on the market that offers all that and more? Well we think that 9750 West Saanich Road in North Saanich ticks all those boxes. This gated luxury waterfront estate is known as Chateau De Lis, and it sits on six private and pristine acres. It’s also quite close to the airport, something we think will be another major factor in a decision to move to this area.

prince harry meghan north saanich real estate 9

Chateau De Lis provides its owners with a private beach for swimming, kayaking and enjoying the many long warm months here. The grounds also have a pickleball court, six car garage, two guest cottages as well as a potting shed with a greenhouse. Plenty of room to host guests, put on events and in general enjoy some of the best views the Island has to offer.

prince harry meghan north saanich real estate 6

Inside is also very royal with more than a few unique features and architectural stylings. I love this entertainment room you see in the above photo, I can see them enjoying this room a lot. This specific listing also has had bespoke furniture made for it and the current owners are open to selling it off with the estate, although in a separate purchase.

Beyond this room you’ll find a gourmet kitchen, a home theatre, games room and a fantastic home gym. This home was only built in 2007 and comes with four beautiful bedrooms and an impressive eight bathrooms found throughout the chateau.

prince harry meghan north saanich real estate 8

Chateau De Lis has been on the market for $10,250,000 CAD for a while now and it is listed with Peter Nash of Macdonald Realty. While we think this is the type of property Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would put at the top of their list, you can also enquire to buy this home by calling Peter via 250-361-7516 to learn more.

Chateau De Lis Photos

Photo Credits: Peter Nash & Realtor.com

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