3 Bedroom Penthouse In The TOM Building Quebec

We see our fair share of penthouses here but not very often do we see one quite like this. The new TOM condo development is one of the most talked about for those looking to buy in Montreal, there’s been a lot of hype. The penthouse renderings give us a glimpse into something quite special being built in the heart of Montreal.

Penthouse 4001 in the TOM building is currently on the market pre-build and I know there’s a buyer or two out there right now licking their chops over this unit. Just imagine walking down that spiral staircase everyday taking in the expansive views from the floor to ceilings windows.

This 2,140 square foot penthouse is going to have three bedrooms with three bath plus a powder room, two of which are ensuite. Besides that the details are scarce because she’s currently in development. However, if you’re wanting to learn more about this property it’s going for $2,192,000 CAD with Amy Assaad who can be reached at 514-934-1818.

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