West Coast Style Mask Carver TL’PA

I recently came across the work of TL’PA/Tony Speers who makes these absolutely incredible masks. This past summer I was in and near Williams Lake visiting family and someone showed me his work. These handcrafted masks are inspired by Bella Coola and First Nations culture, and he makes them from Williams Lake

Each mask has a life if its own, they immediately drew me in and wanted to share them with our readers. Mr Speers have an exceptional way with wood combined with an imagination that tells a story with just a look. We think these are a fantastic option to fill that void on your wall at home or at the office.

Tony spent some time in Bella Coola where he worked at the Acwsalcta School as a woodwork teacher. He states that the Acwsalcta School is a school where Nuxalk culture and traditions are very much alive.

You don’t often come across art pieces quite like this and if you’re interested in acquiring one his works he’s available on Facebook. We cannot wait to see what Tony comes out with next and we hope you like discovering another talented Canadian artist.

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