This Montreal “Condo” Unit Was Built In 1913

Believe it or not, this 4,500 square foot palace isn’t like anything else on the market in the country and we LOVE it. This apartment is more than just a place to live, it’s surrounding yourself with history and opulence unparalleled to anything in Montreal. Let’s take a peek inside this wondrous apartment that’s patiently awaiting a new owner to call it home.

One thing’s for sure, whomever did the interior design work at the time of the pictures did this place justice. It just pulls you back into another time while keeping every bit of luxury throughout.

A perfect match for being smack dab in the middle of Old-Montreal.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.44.03 PM

In here you’ll find two bedrooms and two bath with most of the room as you can see being used for the living spaces. What’s yet another bonus of living here is having access to the adjacent St. James Hotel and a St. Regis which means access to a whole host of amenities.

The original building was built in 1894 and was another piece of architecture that took things to the next level here. The neo-renaissance style building was set to house the Canada Life Insurance Company by the renowned architect Richard Alfred White.

Now on the market for $9,000,000 CAD with Profusion Realty and if you’re as excited as we are about this place, these two brokers are the ones to reach. To book a viewing or learn more call Earl Veinish at 514-772-3322 or Tina Baer at 514-603-9870 to schedule a meeting.

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