A Victoria Home With Its Own Totem Pole Inside

Finally something actually quite unique inside a luxury residence here in Canada, this time way off to the west coast in Victoria, BC. Forget home theatres, tennis courts, gardens, smart homes and fancy pools(although this home has it all). Here we have incredible art within that takes on multiple levels.

This incredible home was built in 1980 by architect John DiCastri and the main feature piece you see here was carved bespoke for this estate. The totem pole rises from the lower level, and climbs all the way to the upper levels of this beautiful home. I’ve tried to track down who made it but as of right now, we’re out of luck on that tidbit.

It doesn’t end there either. Take a stroll outside to the backyard and you’ll find yet another custom totem pole standing tall and proud. In the bushes nearby you’ll also find a pack of black bears carved from local wood. A fitting pairing for Vancouver Island and a unique way to add art to the outdoors.

As you’ll see later down in the article, the gardens here are so incredible they’re almost going to get their own article. The totem pole fits in beautifully in this natural surrounding, even with that ocean view just a glance away.

totem pole victoria home 4

568 Senanus Dr Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

While the focus of this home is on the custom totem poles, this place overall is extraordinary inside and out. The inside offers all the comforts of a luxury estate, including garden and ocean views. I really like the billiards table and wood bar that was actually imported from an old English pub.

The outdoors beyond all the art offers hidden ponds, streams and fountains embedded within the lush gardens. There’s even an ocean side tennis court with wondrous views

This place is currently on the market for $6,250,000 CAD with Sylvia Therrien Newport Christies International Realty. You can reach her at 250.385.2033 to schedule a viewing or learn more about 568 Senanus Dr in Victoria, BC.

As for the cost of a custom totem pole like this? Well I imagine you’d get a deal on two but from what we’ve seen expect to pay low six figures. If you create art pieces like this we want to know about it so drop us a line.

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