3 Gulf Island Luxury Dream Homes On The Market Right Now

The weather is perking up here in BC and the Gulf Islands start getting more and more interest. There are a few fantastic properties on the market right now and we wanted to share our picks with you all.

There’s just something special about the Gulf Islands and there is so much to do and see across them all. I honestly couldn’t pick which one I’d choose to live on if I could, each has its own unique charm.

There are also so many styles of homes throughout all the Gulf Islands, from really quirky one of a kind homes to modern masterpieces. If you’ve got a neat home somewhere in the Gulf Islands you think we would love email us, we want to write about it.

Contemporary Salt Spring Island Oceanfront

This is a unique west coast contemporary home right on the ocean with a incredible views and your own beach. It’s on the market right now for $2,995,000 CAD and is listed with Susan de Stein. I can already see my self sitting in those chairs watching a sunset.

Contemporary Mayne Island Home On 10 Oceanfront Acres

This is a zen lover’s paradise and a perfect escape pad that I’d personally love to live in. This home offers something different in each room along with an ample 4,186 square feet of living space. I wish there were better photos of this place but take note of the private beach and all that land.

Listed right now for $2,699,000 CAD with Fair Realty Listings.

Open Concept Living On Saturna Island

This is another great example of an island home you dream about when shopping around. This place has it all including million dollar views, an open concept with contemporary stylings yet it has a very “homey” feel to it.

Not only is this island a bit more secluded and quiet than the others, you’re also in a remote spot of Saturna. This beautiful home is on the market now for $1,193,000 CAD with Gulfport Realty.

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