Luxury Off The Grid Tiny Houses That We Love

I’ve long been dreaming of setting up a completely off the grid luxury cabin somewhere and cannot remember how many hours I’ve spent on Youtube researching my options. Being a Vancouver Island inhabitant I tend to look local and have always loved the work of Rewild Homes out of Nanaimo.

I’ve never been in contact with them other than actually seeing some of their work first hand. My good friend had something done by them and seeing the end result was pretty darn spectacular.

rewild homes luxury nanaimo 2

For a lot of folks, luxury doesn’t have to be large or grandiose. With that being said, the work and finishes inside these tiny homes are not your grandpa’s cabin. You can design along with their team and create something loud and lavish if you like while still being able to go off the grid.

Now just think about the off the grid options that are possible! Rewild can fit your tiny house with a very capable solar power and wind turbine setup for all your power needs. That means you can go remote and stay remote much longer and not leave much of a carbon footprint behind.

rewild homes luxury nanaimo 9

While my friend also told me they can install a rain water collection system which really goes a long way out here on Vancouver Island. Pair all that with a modern interior that uses every inch of space and you’ve got quite the home.

I wish this company the best and if you’re looking for a custom off the grid tiny home check out their website or give them a call via 250-591-1006. There’s a really passionate and talented team behind these products so if you’re thinking about this lifestyle, you know what to do.

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