The Saint George Manor In Mississauga Is For Sale

The Saint George Manor in Mississauga is one of the finest examples of craftsmanship and home building you’ll find in the country. It’s a French chateau inspired property tucked away behind a private gate in the Doulton Estates.

This area is well known for its incredibles estates, some owned by celebrities and others with an interesting past. However, this quiet street boasts this chateau that rivals anything you’d find in Europe…in our opinion of course.

saint george manor mississauga doulton for sale 3

You can at this moment rent this French chateau out, so a try before you buy is definitely on the table at the moment. It actually isn’t that bad of an idea because there is so much to see in here, you’d need a few days just to explore and enjoy all its features.

I wish I had a bit more information on who was involved with the design, but more so the interior work done. Almost no room is alike, and the attention to detail is truly unlike any other property I’ve written about on this site.

saint george manor mississauga doulton for sale 8

This estate has it all including even a fireplace next to the swimming pool. I’m not going to blab on and on about the features as the photos and video tour highlight it better than my writing ever could. There are so many rooms to this home that there are hundreds of photos available of it.

saint george estate mississauga doulton for sale 10

As it stands, the home sits on a 2.5 acre lot and the main house is nearly 43,000 square feet when you include the five car garage. The Saint George Manor packs in everything from a state of the art movie theatre, world-class gym and one of the greatest indoor pools I’ve ever seen.

saint george estate mississauga doulton for sale7

The home itself is the perfect place to entertain, and I can see why the current owners are renting it out. On the lower floors you’ll not only find that gym and sauna, but a nightclub and a barbershop. I would have a hard time leaving home and I’m already known to be somewhat of a recluse.

saint george estate mississauga doulton for sale 11

The Saint George Manor has six lavish bedrooms, all with stylish ensuite bathrooms. The house overall has fourteen bathrooms, definitely needed in a house this large. Some of those bathrooms have their own chandeliers which usually would come off as tacky, but looks spot on with the decor of this house.

saint george estate mississauga doulton for sale 15

What really shines in here are the living spaces, from the kitchen to the entertaining hall. The vast amount of recessed lighting, bespoke custom molding and marble is enough to make your head spin…and it should. I also would like to know if the furniture is included in on the sale because everything fits in perfectly here.

saint george estate mississauga doulton for sale 9

It is currently on the market for $50,000,000 CAD making it easily one of the most expensive listings ever in Canada. It is listed with The Bourelle Team of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada. If you would like to talk to them about the Saint George Manor you can call them directly via 416.580.9441 to learn more.

Saint George Manor Mississauga Photos

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