The $50M Home Gym Floor Made From Recycled Nike Sneakers

We recently wrote about the Saint George Manor over in Mississauga which happens to be one of the most expensive homes in all of Canada. It has many unique features, but the recycled Nike sneaker gym flooring was another first for me. It however is a fantastic way to reuse and recycle, and you cannot fault that.

The Saint George manor is currently on the market for $50,000,000 CAD and it’s inspired by the great chateau’s of France. Whomever owned it first certainly didn’t skimp on anything in here, an the world-class gym is fit for a professional athlete…and their whole team.

recycled nike gym floor saint george manor 2

This was the first time I had seen this feature in a home, and I’ve written about hundreds of luxury homes to date. I found out quickly though that the recycled Nike flooring isn’t something all that new, and that they have been selling it for some time now under the name Nike Grind.

What is Nike Grind?

Nike Grind are the materials created from Nike’s recycled surplus manufacturing materials and athletic footwear. That means all that excess rubber, foam, fiber, leather and textile blends get separated and ground up together to make the product.

recycled nike gym floor saint george manor

You can use it for gym floors like in the Saint George Manor, as well Nike Grind materials have been incorporated into their products ranging from footwear and other clothing Nike sells. You can see other projects and uses on their website to get a better idea of the possibilities.

Photo Credit: The Bourelle Team & Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

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