Drake’s Bridle Path Home In Toronto Has An Amazing Basketball Court

A recent browsing of TMZ and the Ferris Rafauli Instagram page has shown off a bit of the near completed home of Drake in the Bridle Path area of Toronto. One feature highlighted was the incredible basketball court inside his expansive estate, complete with a scoreboard.

The home itself is a 40,000 square foot mansion that of course has room for the basketball court, but there’s also a nightclub and gym in here as well. The court is overseen by his brand’s owl logo which sits in the centre of the scoreboard, and we can only image who will end up ballin in here with him.

The home is being designed by Ferris Rafauli and he can be seen overseeing the basketball court build in the above promotional video his team put out. The two are friends although going with Ferris and his team, you know you’re going to get a world class project built correctly.

TMZ got a recent scoop with photos from inside Drake’s new mansion in Toronto and it’s looking as crazy as you would expect. We can see that the basketball court will have a seating area so friends and guests can catch all the action.

drakes mansion home tour tmz

Drake has mentioned before he wanted his son to take lessons one day at Lebron’s house, perhaps it will be the other way around? I don’t doubt Drake and Lebron will play a scrimmage or two here, we just hope it will be live streamed.

Drake’s Bridle Path Home Basketball Court

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