This Okanagan Lake Home Has A Unique Custom Swimming Pool

Now here’s a fantastically located waterfront home right on Okanagan Lake nestled in between the trees and your very own bit of private beach. While this home stands out on its own, it has one feature that really stood out to us and that is its concrete lake swimming pool.

This Okanagan Lake home sits right on the water’s edge and instead of your typical pool, this place does something a bit different. A concrete pool was built that takes in the natural lake water, giving the owners a private swimming spot with room for everyone.

 As you can see, this concrete outdoor pool is much larger than your average pool and really blends in nicely with the surrounding landscape. I would imagine that this also helps heat up the water a bit extra in here making it all the easier to jump right on in. Although, on a hot day here there really is no need for that.

The home that this pool comes with is also quite spectacular. It’s lot and surrounding trees make it quite private and the views are just brilliant. The entire property is just over twenty four acres and comes with a caretakers house, as well as a beach house so you can spend all day on the water.

okanagan lakefront home for sale

The home itself was built in 1987, has 4,332 square feet of lavish living space and crazy beautiful views of the lake and mountains. Inside you’ll find four bedrooms and bath, as well a six car garage. There is also a dock currently being completed with three ton lift. There is also a tennis courts found on the upper level this lakefront property.

It is now on the market for $6,900,000 CAD with Jane Hoffman of Coldwell Banker. If you’re interested in 3702 Finch Road in Kelowna give her a call via 1-888-535-6962 to learn more.

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